Our Christmas Star

We set the tree up gently,
And string on all the lights;
We hang the pretty ornaments—
Each one must be just right.
And then when that is all done,
We add the final touch—
The special star that goes on top,
The one we love so much.
For many, any star will do,
For us there’s only one:
For Lauren is our shining star;
Beside her, there is none.
No other shines as brightly
Or warms our hearts as well,
For Lauren lives within our hearts,
As anyone can tell.
She watches o’er us daily
And keeps us from all harm.
She is our precious Christmas Star,
And gives our tree its charm.

Written with love for Joyce and Lauren
Christmas 2005
Saralyn McAfee Smith

Dear Lauren,

I am at a loss for words. It is still so unbelieveable that you don't exist in this world as you once did. You are loved and missed more and more each and every day.

Mommy is doing fine. Your new baby brother has helped in a small way fill the void left by your departure from this earth. She needed him. Faith and Chris are growing like weeds, Chris is taller than me now, something you couldn't wait to be, remember? Aunt Dana and Asia are well, I know that you would adore your little cousin and she would adore you as well. Uncle Kevin is also doing well with his new family, they are very happy and soon to be married. Your beautiful "Granny" who loves you so much is healthy and well. Nanny found happiness with Bill but my heart is still broken, I guess it always will be. No matter how many grandchildren I have you will always be the first, the one who named me "Nanny".

I know that one day sweet angel we'll be together again. Until then my wonderful memories of you and the visits you make while I'm sleeping will have to do. Rest peacefully Lauren. I love you with all my heart and soul!!


Thank you
Beth Hall

Thank you
Reeny Fitzer

Thank you
Susie Dunn

Thank you
Ann Simmons

Thank you
Linda Rice

Thank you
Diane Kayser

Thank you
Carol Carico

Thank you
Saralyn Smith

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