Hello, my name is Kevin, Lauren's uncle. I would like
to share with you my"Angel Blessing" and how the
Angels that came to see Lauren also helped me.

Up until the night before my niece died I was partying
all the time, drinking almost every night, totally living
life on the edge. I got a D.U.I. about 6 months before
she died and that did not stop me one bit. I still drank
and drove every time I drank, which was quite often.
I was on the verge of hurting myself or someone else,
I just did not care, alcohol was more important to me
at the time.

I wasn't a bad person, I didn't get myself into all kinds
of trouble all the time, I just had a drinking problem.
Not to mention that I did not know "The Lord". I was
what I called "unconvinced". I did not want to believe
in something that I could not see, hear or feel.

Then, my whole world came crashing down, my sweet
"Little Punkin Head" was gone, quicker than I could ever
imagine, as fast as the words "Lauren was in an accident
and she's dead" were said to me by my sister Dana.

I felt so cold and empty, that night I decided that I should
drink a couple of beers, that's what I always did when
things went wrong. When I went home that night I was
all alone and half drunk, and I mean I really felt alone.
It was one of the worst experiences that I felt of what
was yet to come.

The mixture of grief and drunkeness was more than I
could handle. I fell to the floor in tears and could not
get up for a long time. It was horrible and I did not ever
want to feel like that again.

The next day was the first time I had heard about
"Lauren's Angels". First I heard the story from my
cousin Jennifer's house, then my sister (Lauren's mom)
shared her story. And just like that,I believed it.
Some way, some how, I knew Lauren saw the
Heavenly Angels.

Later that day I picked up Lauren's Bible and began to
read through it. Then it was as if JESUS came to me
and said "Yes my son, I am here for you".

Within days, I was SAVED and am now a member of the
"First Baptist Church of Palm River". I have not had even
one little sip of alcohol since the night she died nor do I
plan to ever.,

This really proves to me that the Angels are definitely
there for all of us. Without accepting "The Lord",I
really don't think I would have made it through this as
well, if at all. I hope maybe with the help of
"Lauren's Angels" that someone else can be SAVED.
GOD has Blessed me, and may He now Bless you.

Uncle Kevin

UPDATE: 04/16/2002
Lauren's 2 Year anniversary also marked 2 years of sobriety for Kevin.
Love ya Kev...Mom

UPDATE: 09/14/2004
Still sober!!!
Way to go Kev!!
Love, Mom

More than five years sober!!
Great job son!!
Love, Mom

9 Years!! Kevin is no longer dependent on alcohol, yes, he may have an
occasional beer or 2, socially!! He is married and is expecting his first
child in September. Way to go Kev!!!!
Love, Mom





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