Lauren was born on December, 12, 1990 at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida. She lived in the Tampa Bay area all of her short life. She attended Gibsonton Elementary School, she was in the third grade. She is survived by her parents, Kristine Waller and Bryan Strahan, her stepmother, Linda, brother Christopher, sister Faith, grandparents, Gene and Joyce Allman, aunt Dana Allman, uncle Kevin Waller, great Grandmother, Shirley Sandage, cousins, Jennifer, Jesse, Matthew, Jessica, Jeremy, Jenna and numerous other maternal and paternal family members and friends. She lies in rest at Ruskin Memorial Park Cemetary in Ruskin Florida.

On Friday April 14th, 2000 Lauren went to spend a few days with her daddy and his family. It was Spring Break and she was looking forward to having fun. Her paternal grandmother, Mary Lou Clegg Stokes had made plans to have Lauren's portraits taken on Sunday the 16th. That morning they went to Walmart and aunt Darleen Doginarri went along. They were finished with the photos about 11:15am. Then they headed to help a friend do some painting, earlier that day her dad had tried to convince her to go boating with him, she wanted to go with her grandmother instead because she really wanted to help with the painting. Mary was driving, Lauren was riding "shotgun", as she called it, Darleen was in the backseat. They were heading South on US Highway 41 and while attempting a left turn onto Stephens Road where they were going to be doing the painting, they were struck by a van on the passenger side. The van was doing the speed limit which was 65 MPH. Lauren was killed on impact,(we thank God that she did not suffer) .Mary and Darleen followed shortly after. The accident happened at 11:35 am. The photo below is one that was taken that just twenty minutes earlier.

This is something I would like to share...
One Saturday my mom and I were out shopping, we stopped at a little furniture store in Ruskin and a woman that my mom had previously worked with was working there. She and my mom were talking and she told my mom that she had been at the accident scene, I became very upset and ran out of the store. Later that day I told Kristine what had happened. She decided to make a trip to the store to talk to the woman herself. The woman told Kristine that she did not know whether Lauren was still alive or not but that she held her hand, prayed and told her that help was on it's way. Kristine was able to ask her some of the questions that had been haunting her and hopefully was able to put some of her pain to rest. Whie Kristine was in the store talking to the woman the song (Lauren's song) "I Believe I Can Fly" began playing on the radio. She told Kristine that she has children of her own and that she has had a hard time dealing with what she saw on April 16, 2000. This beautiful lady's name is Irma. A few days later Kristine and I had flowers sent to Irma as a "thank you". The next time we visited Lauren's grave those same flowers were there, put there by Irma. Thank you Irma, it helps to know that someone who loves The Lord was with her those final moments.
May God Bless You Irma....

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