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~~Gustavo Ismael Gonzalez~~

Heavens Child
Most enchanting castles,
Just come and follow me
Children filled with laughter,
God's love eternally
Happiness to fill your heart
Where time will have no end
Shiny pair of wings for you
To fly with all your friends
Moving softly in the air
The joy is all right here
Come now and walk with me
I promise no more fear
Above the clouds within this light
You'll see the magic glow
The special gift of heaven
The peace that you will know
Mountains high that you will fly
They are here for you
Special dreams you always had
Is waiting in the blue
Jesus He will watch you play
Within His Arms you glow
For you will fill His bluest sky
With colors of rainbow.
Francine Pucillo
Poetry Emotion

"The Story Of Gustavo"

Gustavo was born a healthy baby in February of 93, he was my third child, all boys. He always wore a smile on his face, he was such a happy boy!! All was fine until May of '96 when he was three years old. He began to vomit, at first it was just once or twice and I thought it was something he ate or a stomach virus so I wasn't extremely concerned. When the vomiting continued I took him to the clinic, they could find nothing wrong so they sent us home. Gustavo still continued to vomit so I took him to a different doctor, he gave me suppositories and told me to use them if he got sick again. He did not vomit that day so I left him with his father and went to work the next morning. My husband began calling me at work because Gustavo was vomiting again, this time I called my mother to get advice, she told me to take him to the emergency room. While at the hospital he did not vomit and the doctor taking care of him kept telling me that this was not an emergency. They decided to run some tests anyway, they did X-ray's, a Catscan and an M.R.I. Finally after hours of testing we had an answer, it was a malignant brain tumor.

I just cried and cried, my husband was in the waiting room and I just didn't know what to tell him. I called my mom, still crying, crying, and told her that my son had cancer. Soon the hospital was filled with caring family members.

Gustavo and I stayed at Brandon Hospital for a month. They did surgery on him and talked to me about chemo-therapy. I was reluctant about the chemo because I knew that the end would be the same with or without it. When the doctors said that the therapy would prolong his life I agreed to it. So off we went to St. Joseph's Childrens Hospital in Tampa.

The next eighteen months were spent in and out of the hospital. I never left my sons side, when he was in the hospital, so was I. I was eight months pregnant when Gustavo became sick, I was at the hospital with him when my labor began, I had my baby and my sister Rosa took him and my other two sons home with her and raised them until Gustavo passed away.

The last time that we took Gustavo to the hospital was a Friday, I knew that the end was near, the doctors and nurses were acting differently than they had all the many times before that I had brought him there. Even though I knew it was going to happen, I did not want to let go of my son.

Then on Sunday Father Felipe from the church came to the hospital to talk to me. The room that we were in had a picture of Jesus with a child. Jesus' arms were opened like he was asking the child to come with him. Father Felipe told me to close my eyes, imagine that Jesus was in front of me and that I was holding Gustavo tightly in my hands, then Father Felipe asked me what Jesus was doing?, I said that he was asking me for my son, he then told me to let him go, I said "NO, he's mine and I'm not going to let him go." Father Felipe then told me that God sends us here for a reason, that he lends us our life for a certain time and it was time for Him to take my baby back with Him because He needed him there with all the other angels. He again asked me to close my eyes and imagine the same thing and then he asked me "what do you see?", and I answered again that He wants my son, Father Felipe kept telling me to let my son go with Him, my hands were held so tightly together that I felt that someone was holding them. I began to cry and Father Felipe kept saying to me "let your son go" and I kept saying "NO". I then felt Father Felipe's hand touching the back of my neck and he made a weird sound with his mouth, at that time in the picture of Jeusus on the wall I saw my son, he opened my hands and ran smiling and happy, very happy with Jesus. The next morning which was Monday my Gustavo passed away. He had the same beautiful smile on his face, the same one he wore all through his illness.

It has been five years now and I can tell you all that with time it does gets easier. I can now remember the good times without the tears. I can speak of my child and be happy that I had him for the time that I did instead of being sad because he's gone. I have six other beautiful children to be grateful for. But Gustavo will always and forever hold that very special place in mommy's heart.

Christina Diaz
Gustavo's Mom

A few words from Christina's Aunt Alicia

Gustavo was a happy child, filled with energy. Even through his sickness he never lost his smile. I will never forget Cristina's face filled with pain, sadness and desperation when she was told of Gustavo's cancer. From that moment on she completely dedicated her self to her son, she never left his sight, she was by his side night and day. Christina had a lot of support from her family and I will always admire her for being so strong and having the mark of assurance, peace, tranquility and her smile that I think was what Gustavo left her with.

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