Claude W. Sandage was born in Orlando, Florida to Elmer and Pricilla Sandage, he was the third of four siblings. Claude was a native Floridian residing in the Sunshine State his entire 71 plus years . In 1954 he took his first bride, Shirley Rhodes. They were married twenty five years before divorcing, they had a daughter and two sons. In 1990 he married Reneau Muus who remained his wife up until the time of his death, together they had a daughter. Claude was "Papa" to nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Claude worked as a leverman on a dredge boat, as his father and brother before him. He retired in 1996. He loved to tinker with cars and was quite good at it in his day. He was a huge wrestling fan and loved old westerns. He was a good father and loved all his children equally. He was a good and faithful husband.

Claude spent the last seven months of his life in a hospital on a ventiiator and a feeding tube. He had contracted Salmonella and it infected his lungs. He wanted to go home so badly. He underwent five surgeries on his lungs, even had ribs removed twice in hopes of being able to breath without a ventiltor. He suffered tremendously trying to survive, he was not ready to leave his family, he fought long and he fought hard. After being diagnosed as Septic in late September his fight became more and more difficult, on October 3rd the family was called to the hospital, we were told that it was time to make the decision whether or not we would have him removed from life support, we were told that it was not fair to make the decision his. As a family we decided to have the life support removed the following day, we would all be there with him. God decided to spare us. At 7:03 am on October 4th his fight ended, the angels came to get him and he finally was able to go home.

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