ear Lauren,

Another year has passed, another birthday in heaven for you, this is your tenth there. What a celebration it will be, the anniversary of your birth!!! You are still LOVED and MISSED so very much!!

You have a brand new cousin, Noah Everett was born September 3rd of this year. He is so cute and I know he would love you!! Mommy and Ted are married now, she looked so beautiful on her wedding day, but I'm quite sure you know that! Your baby sister Faith will be a teenager this year, can you believe it? Your brothers, Chris and Ethan are doing just fine! Asia talks about you a lot and even though she never met you on earth she loves and misses you so much!

Aunt Dana and Uncle Kevin are doing great!! Your beloved Granny is wonderful, she's 70 years old now, she still works full time though and is very healthy!! Give your Papa a hug for me, I miss him too!!! Jennifer, Jesse and Alayna are all doing fine, the baby looks just like her daddy.

We love you Lauren Marie!!!!

Your family!

Thank you Cindy Jo!!

Thank you Beth!!

Thank you Susie!!

Thank you Saralyn!!

Thank you Carol!!

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