~ Lauren's Glow ~

Our sweet rose of December
Your petals fill the air
With breezes of the softest scent
With love that we all share

Knowing that you are up above
In garden soft and warm
With wings that fly so tenderly
As soft winds come along

Each day as we look up to you
Your halo shines so bright
Even on the darkest nights
We're filled up with your light

So on the day that you were born
We celebrate with love
Each moment in our life we share
The sweetest memories of

Your special smile and beauty
That fills our heart each day
Remembering the joy you gave
That never fades away

So fly in winds of heaven's sky
With halo's golden glow
Knowing that you'll always be
The angel we love so.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright December 5, 2003
written expressly for Lauren
"Happy Birthday"

A gift from my beautiful friend Beth

From my friend Jeanine

From my friend Peggy

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