Dear Lauren,

Where do I begin? Another year has passed and it is still so hard to believe that you're gone. We all still miss you very much sweetheart and you are never far away from our thoughts.

Let's see...since last year at this time what has happened? I got married!! Yes, Nanny finally did it!! I started a new job in September, went to Pennsylvania in October and to Tennessee to see Beth in January.

Mommy and Ted are doing fine. Ethan is walking, he's getting to be such a big boy and he loves Faith and Chris soooo much.

Uncle Kevin was married as well, he has a wife and daughter now. He also had your name tattooed on his back.

Aunt Dana and Asia are fine. Asia knows all about her cousin Lauren and knows that you live in heaven with Jesus. She's so adorable and so smart. Rob is sick right now honey so keep a special eye on him.

My dad, your great grandpa is also sick, please look over him too. Your beloved Granny is healthy and doing very well.

I haven't talked to your daddy in a while but I would love to hear from him if you can intervene!!!

Till we meet again sweetie, Fly Free, Fly Happy and I'll see you in my dreams!!

Love Always, Your Nanny

Thank you Susie Dunn!!

Thank you Linda Rice!!

Thank you Beth Hall!!

Thank you Carol Carico!!

Thank you Ann Simmons!!

Thank you Ann Simmons!!

Thank you Cindyjo Greever!!

Thank you Saralyn Smith!!

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